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Explaining our method using Educreations

This week year 5 have been working on their problem solving skills in maths. To show their understanding of division they have used Educreations to record themselves and their calculation methods. They have then reviewed their videos as a class which has been very useful! Whilst watching one of their videos the student that created it spotted his mistake straight away and then changed his working accordingly. Seeing their own working out and talking through the problem out loud has really enabled us to identify what we are doing well, where any misconceptions are and how to fix them. Well done Year 5!

Click here to view an example

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Magnificent Mountains

As part of their geography homework, many of my year 5 students chose to create models of a type of mountain. Volcanoes proved to be very popular! As well as creating their model, boys also labelled the features so that others can learn from their work. Here are some magnificent examples:

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The Journey of a River

This week I have received some fantastic and wonderfully creative pieces of geography homework and this one is no exception. When asked to produce their own ‘journey of a river’ story this is what one student created:

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Half Term homework hits high standards!

I wanted to share four fantastic examples of homework I have received during and just prior to half term. 

In Year 6, students have been learning about rivers. Recently they learnt the features of a river and where these are usually located in a rivers course. As part of their homework boys were asked to write or create their own ‘journey of a river’ story. The medium in which they created their story was down to them as long as some of a rivers’ key features were included.

Many of the boys approached this in different ways. Some created their own books using Book Creator, others narrated their own movies using iMovie whilst some preferred to simply type their story into pages. 

Here are 3 very different, excellent examples: 

A special mention should also go to a student in year 5 who created a volcano from clay and plasticine as part of our mountains topic. He also wrote a very informative and interesting explanation telling others how volcanoes are formed. 

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Historical Interpretation

This term Year 5 have been learning about the Tudors in history, in particular Tudor monarchs and the impact they had on society. Last week we started to look at the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The boys discovered that Elizabeth was well liked by some and despised by others. This was due in part to her personality and the choices she made regarding not marrying. We looked at a variety of portraits and surmised what the artist might have thought of Queen Elizabeth and the reasons why we had decided as such. Following this the boys wrote short scripts from the point of view of a Tudor person. Their task was to try to include some historical facts to back up their characters opinion of Elizabeth. The boys used the Chatterpix Kids app to record their voices and animate the mouths of their characters. 

Here are some examples:

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Water Cycle Raps

This half term year 6 have been learning about rivers in Geography. First the boys  revisited what happens during the main stages of the water cycle. The next activity aimed to see what the boys had understood and what facts they could recall. To cement and encourage further consolidation of learning, the boys worked in pairs and small groups to create a short rap about the water cycle. They used a proforma that was sent out using Showbie and wrote down lyrics that described the 3 main processes of the cycle. The proforma was color coded and indicated which lines should rhyme. The boys listened to a backing track on GarageBand provided by @katecheal and continued to refine and then practice their raps. They shared their work with each other which allowed them to provide others with feedback about the clarity of their lyrics. Some of the boys used the internet to cement the meaning of certain processes and finally they recorded their masterpieces! 

Here is one example of their work: 

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Jan 24, 2017

Year 6 have been learning about the rivers of the world as part of their geography topic this half term. After considering uses, features and general facts about a selected river they presented their thoughts and research as a single page on Book Creator. They added a range of information and pictures which were complimented by the addition of sound buttons and hyperlinks, making their pages not only engaging but interactive too. They submitted their finished pages to their Showbie class and they have now been combined to create a colIaborative ebook. This can be used by other classes who learn about rivers in the future and also classes learning how to write information and explanation texts.

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