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Y5/6 Water Polo Fuxture

Team talk during this afternoon’s match vs Canon Slade High School


Boys and girls from Y5 and Y6 travelled across Bolton this afternoon for their first away fixture and acquitted themselves admirably against a team of older pupils from Years 7 and 8. Despite losing, the team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot to carry forward to their next match after Easter.

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Day 2 at Little Moreton Hall

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Trip to Little Moreton Hall – Day 1

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Year 5 go back to Tudor times at Little Moreton Hall

Half of Y5 boys visited Little Moreton Hall, near Congleton, today to learn just what it would have been like to live as a wealthy farmer in Tudor times. The other half of the year group got stuck into Tudor art and craft and cooking activities in school and the boys will swap over tomorrow.

The boys visiting the hall discovered all sorts of interesting facts about Tudor life: why Tudors wealthy enough to have an inside toilet hung their clothes next to it; why a Tudor mug had three handles; how large quantities of daub, which was used to make the hall walls, was mixed; why a tall boy would hold a smaller boy upside down for a rather nasty cleaning job; and why one of our boys would have been able to make a lot of money from selling his urine!





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Eco Club gets ready for Spring!

In the last two weeks, Eco Club has put up a new bird table (complete with hooks to hang up feeders filled with homemade bird seed cake) and planted honeysuckle around the seating in the Quiet Area. Today, the boys put potato tubers in trays to chit over the Easter holidays and sowed several different types of herbs.

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Year 6 Trip to Cuerden Valley 

As part of their geography work on rivers Year 6 visited Cuerden Valley Park to conduct a number of river studies. The boys’ first task was to ascertain how clean the river water was. They did this by collecting samples from the river and recording all of the creatures that they found. The boys discovered freshwater shrimps, caddis fly larvae and mayfly nymphs to name but a few! 

Following this the boys then visited a different part of the river where they were able to identify some of the features that they have been learning about in class. It was great to see meanders, ox bow lakes and examples of erosion and deposition in real life. The boys also had the opportunity to measure the river flow, coming up with their own experiments using floating objects and a stopwatch. Finally, the boys used silting pans to search for and analyse the contents of the river bed with some lucky ones finding quartz to take home as a reminder of their day! 

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Reporting from Mount Everest

Over the past 2 weeks Year 5 have been learning all about the journey up Mount Everest. During their geography lesson last week they used QR codes to hunt for information. The QR codes were linked to websites, videos and weather reports meaning that they were able to find out a range of interesting facts and information for themselves. The boys then worked in small groups to write a report that included lots of the information that they had gathered. Boys used the collaboration feature in the Pages app and developed their scripts to be recorded in front of the green screen. Boys then chose their preferred background and loaded their script into the Telleprompter Lite app. Using the Greenscreen app by Doink, the boys captured their reports from various points up Mount Everest. 

Here are some examples!  

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Tudor Beggar Canting

In our History lessons we have been learning about different types of Tudor beggars and vagabonds and the language they spoke which was called ‘canting’.  The boys wrote their own speech in role as a beggar using canting and then recorded it via the Chatterpix app. Check out these great examples!

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Meanders and Ox-bow Lakes

As part of our year 6 rivers topic we have been learning about the features of rivers. After looking at the 3 courses of a river we took a deeper dive and began to look in more depth at how meanders and ox-bow lakes are formed. To be able to assess the boys understanding of this I asked them to create stop-motion anaimations in pairs to explain the process. They used the information that they had gotten from videos, discussion and other classroom activities to create a short video that displayed their own understanding. The boys wrote and recorded voice overs to help explain what their animation was trying to show. They used a range of te chnical vocabulary and explained the phenomenon in more detail than I think that they would have done if I had simply asked them to write about the process. This also highlighted any misconceptions that could then be addressed.

Here are some some great examples: 

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Climate in the Mountains 

As part of this terms Geography topic, Year 5 have been learning about the weather in mountainous environments. First they used a weather forecasting website to find out the weather on that day in 3 mountain environments across the world. Following this, they compared the weather with the average conditions for this time of year. They used the information that they collected to create reports from either the Crans Montana or Breckenridge ski resort. They also included information about how the weather impacts upon tourists and risks that tourists may encounter. They had to plan their reports carefully as they only had 30 seconds in which to include all of the relevant information. Here are some great examples:  

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