Welcome to the blog of Park Road Juniors, the Junior School of Bolton School Boys’ Division. We use this site to highlight news, activities and events throughout the school year and provide diaries of residential trips.

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Animation Club

Animation Club have worked really hard over the past few weeks to create stop-motion animations about internet safety. Some of the group submitted their animations to a national competition run by Childnet. 

Here is a fantastic example:

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Finding out about the Aztecs using sources

Last week during their history lesson, year 5 began to find out about the Aztecs using a range of sources. Some great discussions took place between the boys as their surmised what the objects might be and developed their ideas about their new topic, the Aztecs. Boys were leaders in their own learning and worked collaboratively to develop their knowledge. As a class we discussed any misconceptions and then the boys were able to use their knowledge and apply it to write fantastic descriptive pieces. The boys used an image as a stimulus and had to imagine that they were an explorer from Europe that had travelled to Mexico and discovered a new civilization. Here are some examples of their work:

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The Lake District

As part of their geography homework, Year 5 students were asked to design flags that reflected some of what we have learned about The Lake District. They included pictures showing some of the leisure activities available and the landscape you would expect to find. Using the Quiver app, boys then brought their flags to life and were able to view them in 3D! Check out some of their great designs:

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EcoClub Activities

EcoClub have been busy this year.  Here is a collage of what we have done so far:


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Francis Drake…hero or pirate? 

As part of their history lessons, Year 5 have been studying the voyages and achievements of Sir Francis Drake. They learned that people alive during the Tudor times had opposing views of him. It was the boys’ job to collate these views and evaluate them. This helped to develop their historical knowledge and their interpretation skills. 

Boys were tasked with writing short speeches from the point of view of a Tudor person to explain whether they believed Drake was a pirate or hero and why. 

Here are some of the superb examples the boys created for homework. 

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Recipe for an action-packed House Day

Watch the boys ‘scratching’!

Don’t drop the ball!

There’s a hole in my bucket!

Which way?

Take several spoonfuls of teamwork and perseverance.

Blend them together with dollops of friendship, good humour and challenge.

Sprinkle on a pinch of novelty and surprise.

Mix it all together, inside and outdoors, in sunshine and showers, for a fantastic, fun-filled Park Road House Day!


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Check out this limerick!

Some Y5 boys have been having fun in English lessons writing their own limericks. Although they are only short and often humorous poems, the boys discovered that it is quite tricky to write their own versions and keep to the rules regarding rhymes and the number of syllables in the different lines. However, some did manage it and here is a good example:-

There once was a boy called Sam,

Who lived outside on a dam.

He loved living there,

But along came a bear,

So Sam decided to scram!

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Tudor Banquet

On Friday, Year 5 pupils rounded off their Tudor experience with a ‘banquet’ to taste the Tudor food that they had made in school over the previous two days. They enjoyed a cheese tart, Tudor Lovers’ Knots, Elizabethan Naughty Cake and marchpane Tudor Roses.

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Y5/6 Water Polo Fuxture

Team talk during this afternoon’s match vs Canon Slade High School


Boys and girls from Y5 and Y6 travelled across Bolton this afternoon for their first away fixture and acquitted themselves admirably against a team of older pupils from Years 7 and 8. Despite losing, the team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot to carry forward to their next match after Easter.

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Day 2 at Little Moreton Hall

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